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"The bandana with a purpose"

Worn wet, will drop your dogs body temp by 3-4%

A few drops of lavender oil, will calm the soul

Maybe yours needs help breathing with a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Poppies to remember

4 Ur Paws



Our poppies are all different, they are all made by volunteers around NZ. We donate 100% of the profit to DC Rescue (A small rescue in Hamilton). 

You can check them out here

Your poppy may be different to your friends, shade of red or purple and design. They are all made with love and care. They are all made by those that just wanted to help us fundraise. They truly are a treasure and something very special.

We do this, to support DC and to remember those that went before us. Animals played a huge part in the wars. The love and devotion they gave, is what we all love in our animals right.

Thanks for choosing to buy ours and support an amazing bunch of ladies doing an amazing thing for animals. 

(photo attached shows some examples of how different they all can be, wonder which one you will get, it will be special, made from the heart and like no other)

On your dog you can attach the poppy with pin provided to there collar, bandana or jacket or wear it yourself.

Thanks must go out to ALL the volunteers who made these for us.....What to make them, please make contact here

Lest we forget

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