About 4 UR PAWS

4 UR PAWS offers the best, New Zealand made bandanas you can get your paw on. Unlike any other. We offer only the highest quality and most desirable of bandanas for your pet. 

We started  4 UR PAWS after being tired of the same old thing, those terrible bandanas that you tie up and then trying to get the knot undone, well don’t get us started on that and those domes others use are annoying! We also wanted them to sit perfectly and be of the highest quality, unliked a lot of single layer, poor fabric bandanas that we had used. 

We also knew the benefits of what we had used our own bandanas for. We made them from the beginning for our fur family, then friends, then friends of friends and then it grew........

We wanted something a bit different, but we also, really wanted quality. Our pets must have the best.

Our bandannas have a purpose - yes they are a NEED!  

A)    Worn for fun and spunk on those cold winter days. Everyone needs to smile.

B)    A few drops of EUCALYPTUS OIL, on the bandanna will clear the nose

B)    Worn WET, your bandana will drop your dog's body temperature by 3-4%

C)     A few drops of LAVENDER OIL, on the bandana will help calm the soul

A must for travelling in the car, walking, playing, training or just to look paw-some. Get a dog bandana for a special day. We are happy to make to order.

We are well known in the North Island of New Zealand for our Dog and Cat bandannas. After spending the last 5 years attending markets with our huge range of colours and sizes. 

YES WE STARTED THE BANDANA CRAZE IN NEW ZEALAND - WITH BEING NEW ZEALAND MADE!  We now have a good honest following on our social media pages and now get asked to attend events in all areas of New Zealand. We are currently working on getting our bandannas out to retail outlets, if you are interested in becoming a stockist, please make contact by email packleader@4urpaws.co.nz  Huge range to choose from. We pride ourselves on small numbers. WE are not a huge production line. We love to have a few special patterns and not flood the market. We also love that we make our bandana's in New Zealand - supporting kiwi's is what we love, both in our packmates and in our production.

We can make our bandanas in large numbers for special orders - we have made for dog education centers, dog daycares, rescue centers and private business. You then can get them screen printed and then a) wear them when out and about to promote your business, b) to look after their dog on a hot day c) sell them to fund raise. We make them like no-one else – all double fabric, all Velcro, all made in New Zealand.

4 UR PAWS have tried and tested our bandannas on our own FUR family, Porsha the mini schnauzer doesn't like not having one on, Charlie Brown our boy we lost in October 2018 was only ever seen in them and Posh our burmilla cat wears them on special days. We are training our little 1.5kg chihuahua called Dottie to be part of the pack - yes she is that tinny! Porsha sits next to the freezer waiting for a cold bandana to be put on her. Yes you can wet them and freeze them, for more comfort on that hot summers day.

We support a number of charities with equipment, this is the best way of testing gear. WE take alot of extra stock to markets, Dog toys, Cat toys, Dog Collars, Cat Collars and cat toys. See us at our next event.

If you have a special occasion that you want your fur friend to be dressed for, email us, we can make something special.

We guarantee our products for general wear. Shipping is FREE for orders over $45 in New Zealand.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will let you know about events and markets we will be attending.

If you have a dog event and would like us to attend please email us packleader@4urpaws.co.nz

Wholesale inquiry is welcome please email Shinneal - packleader@4urpaws.co.nz.

We are happy to ship to other countries, please ask about our shipping costs to your home.

Thanks for finding us, we appreciate your Paw-some business.

Let your friends know about our amazing 100% New Zealand owned and operated business. 

Kind Paws 




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