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4 UR PAWS: the best New Zealand made bandanas you can get your paws on

We know that your pet is part of the family, and that they deserve the very best. At 4 UR PAWS we are dedicated to creating the highest quality bandana on the market. We are the original NZ made bandana, and a family run business. We have spent 6 years perfecting our design to ensure that it sits comfortably and is strong enough to withstand any adventure. 4 UR PAWS employs a whanau of 4 talented kiwis, and of course our models in chief Porsha and Dottie.

Our bandanas are carefully constructed and our unique double layer design ensures that your pet will always look their very best. But our bandanas aren’t just high quality fashion accessories, they have a purpose too!

  • On those hot summer days, wet or wet and freeze your bandana to lower your dog’s body temperature by 3-4%
  • A must for anxious travellers, a few drops of LAVENDER OIL on the bandana will help soothe your furbaby. They’re great in any situation that your pet gets anxious; a vet visit, a thunderstorm, Guy Fawkes etc
  • Ease sniffly noses with a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your favourite bandana

We do limited runs of patterns and our VIPs get exclusive early access to our new styles. If you want to be part of the 4 UR PAWS pack, join us on Facebook and Instagram pages where we will let you know about events and markets we will be attending. Become a VIP and join our exclusive group for early access to our new designs.

  • YES we test on animals! Porsha the mini schnauzer insists on having a bandana on every day- on hot days she even sits next to the freezer waiting for a cold bandana to be put on her. We also donate to several charities and have a team of ambassadors who put our bandanas through rigorous testing while out on adventures
  • YES we guarantee our products for general wear. No matter how dirty they get, our bandanas come up good as new- just chuck them in the washing machine
  • YES domestic shipping is FREE for orders over $45
  • YES we ship worldwide. Contact us to get a quote for shipping
  • YES you can stock our bandanas in your store! Email packleader@4urpaws.co.nz for more information
  • YES we would love to come to your next event. Email packleader@4urpaws.co.nz
  • YES we do custom, special occasion and/or large orders. Contact us if you want to promote or fundraise for your organisation, or have a special event coming up

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