Tinkerbelle the wobble dog

4 UR PAWS, have supported Tinkerbelle and her brothers Briggle and Alfie for over 5 years now. We have a few as we started off being a product trialer and now we have moved to product ambassador, as we love them so much. Now we even make the side of the 4 UR PAWS wagon/HQ check it out. They are a must have, in the summer, for cooling your dog down, or if your Briggle, you need it to calm the soul - check out there huge selection of a "Bandana with a Purpose"    

Many thanks Rachael - Tinkerbelle's Mum

Ash wearing his amazing bandana

Thank you so much Packleader, for such an awesome looking and well made bandana. It is as stylish as it is comfortable. This is one of few we have now started collecting from your range. Once again, thank you. Kind paws Ash (Toni Arnesen) Hamilton NZ

Nika is always in 4 UR PAWS

Nika is so happy in her bandanas - she wears them all the time. In the summer we wet them and when we travel, we freeze them the night before and put them on her or in the chilly bin for use later in the day. I can't thank you enough for designing a wonderful product that not only looks amazing but has all these purposes. 

Thank you Ash Bowers and Nika 

Podge and Shadow in tribute bandanas for Charlie Brown

We have known the team at 4 Ur Paws since the day we adopted Shadow 6 years ago! Podge and Shadow get all their Bandana's from them (which is a lot) lol. 4 UR PAWS also donate a huge amount of their Bandana's to me so I can make up hampers for Animal Charity's and well deserved pups. We now have a wonderful angel in the sky, as Podge is now looking over us. We thank Shinneal for all her support in many areas of both business and now friendship. From Chloe, Elton and Shadow. The One Podgy Dog Team

Some can't stay with us for too long

Kaspa was a wonderful example of a rescue dog with a huge heart. Just like her Mum Serena. This is the post about the wonderful Kass - (Kaspa) on "The Boxer & Bullies Charitable Trust" page, please follow them and support them as much as you can. https://www.facebook.com/boxersandbullies/

Kass came into our lives in Dec 2016 at 2 years old! - I say 'our' because she was loved by many and helped us assess and work with so many other dogs with behavioral issues.
She had her fair share of issues and time and lots of training turned her into the most amazing sidekick who had so many people in her corner helping her to be the most amazing dog she could be!
This post doesn't end with all rainbows and lollipops she was a dog bred by people who thought it was ok to breed their family dogs without any thought of health or genetic testing in a breed that is already predisposed to so many health issues.
She was allergic to grass, most foods, struggled to maintain weight, had seizures and most devastatingly had heart issues! She should never have been bred but in saying that we would never have had the love of such an amazing dog and for that part alone we are grateful but devastated by the suffering she had to endure in her short life.
In December 2018 we lost Kass to a heart attack at the park surrounded by lots of people and other dogs that she loved and that loved her in return - she was only 4 years old and the shock and loss to be honest has still not sunk in!
Kass is so missed and knew soooo much Love. For her we want to make a difference, we want people to know what they are getting themselves into and we want nothing more than to help stop another loss so shocking, devastating and completely avoidable!
If you think we can help you please get in contact and if we can't we will do our best to point you in the right direction 
Kass was a huge supporter of 4 UR PAWS and we stand next to Serena as she walks the next journery - now being a fur angel Mum.


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